I'm on it!

Food Shopping is done
Parcel Collected
Coffee at mums as I was in London yesterday when I normally go
Food shopping is also pt away

Vacuum/tidy/put away - sitting room and kitchen
Re-arrange conservatory ( we finally have a plan which costs nothing but suits everyone)and then vacuum it.
Make a birthday cake for Fahed. Bless him, my default cake is his favourite.
Wrap birthday pressies and write cards.
Drop two parcels to charity shop.Watch an episode of QIXL with my coffee and brunch.

Visit friends or coffee and cake (Kaffe und kuchen, i think, as they are German)
Fahed to his volunteering
Meet up and Mum & Dad house with everyone for a glass of wine (lucky or me Fahed doesn't drink so I never have to drive!)

That will be just perfect, thank you. Oh, and my lovely Dad gave me £200 this morning or sorting out an insurance claim for him. I tried to not take it but he wasn't having any of it. House fund is £200 the richer.


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