Friday, 30 November 2012

Official Start to Christmas

December the 1st tomorrow. Fahed's birthday is on Sunday. We always count that as official beginning of Christmas. As it is his birthday weekend then he chooses what we do over the weekend and then on Sunday evening we have or traditional birthday dinner (steak in a cream sauce, those lovely big flat mushrooms, Fahed special chips made with red potato)yum.

We planned to sort out the attic tomorrow but it seems mean to do this on his birthday. I suspect we will do very little, he is a proper home boy.

Rupert the laptop will not be sent away for repair. Fahed will try to repair it. I can see he is dying to get his hands on Rupert! I am looking at a cheap 'box' to go with a flat screen and keyboard which I already have. This will make it easier to use or Excel and all of my lovely spreadsheets. Talking of which I now need to rebuild all of them (Nooooooooooooooooo) Maybe time to have a rethink on some things. We will be short of cash for a while as every spare penny is going family in the war zone in Syria. Ater that we will make new plans.

I believe I want an ipad, to use for playing (such a blogging). What do we think? Shall I?

My knitting has so far been a disaster. The needles are too big for the yarn. I knitted a few inches of what looked like manky lace. I need more needles to try again. Foster Mummy, please can you tell me what size needles would be best for chenille? I am such an amateur

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