Spreading the control vibe

My eldest son has been really down this week. He is still adorable but I can see a merest hint of black dog sitting on his shoulder. This morning he was ready to talk about it. Worrying that he has no money & lots of expenses ( aren't we all). SO i suggested a list. No, cant face it, it will just be awful etc...... So I started his list myself anyway.

STA membership (or his swimming teaching) £44
Online child protection course (again or swimming) £25

His employer has offered to pay half of this but he has to pay up front.

Pog pedal - £125 required in January before first gig of the re-launched band.

He has asked or money or Christmas from everyone who asked him, to go towards this. He can make up the rest from his Christmas wage packet but a lot of his hours are voluntary to get some experience, so he doesn't get much actual cash yet.

At this point he started to run out of worries. There were a few more guitar related bits but not needed until recording studio time ,which I think is March. So really his evil list o things which were going to get him has three quite affordable items on it.

Lists just rule.


  1. 3 items doesn't look that bad as long as he doesn't have to have them all by Jan. 1. Perhaps he could find some side jobs? That's easier said than done, of course. I tend to find it is either lots of opportunities or very few. They are seldom spread out evenly.

  2. There isn't a lot of work about at the moment. He asked about work back at the boatyard but I am not that hopeful. Fingers crossed though, I guess.


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