Ssssh! Starting to think about New Year

A few things on my list;

Avoid chains - not entirely prompted by the 'Starbucks not paying their tax' debacle but by a recent visit to London. My mate and I had 30 minutes to use up before the start of our meeting. We walked up and down the street for five minutes, passing a lovely Italian cafe twice, looking for a Costa or similar until we realised what we were doing, slapped ourselves and went into the lovely, very quirky Italian cafe. Excellent coffee, free pastries and you could write poetry on the walls if you felt like it. The shop was heaving with people so obviously the rest of London was not as blinkered as we were.

Stop the caffeine (again) - I did this last year (I think) but it sneaked back during the year. I am trying fruit and herb teas (again). I like them and have no idea why I don't drink them.

Check my on-line bank account daily and always know, to the closest £10,how much I have and how much is already spoken for (started this last week to get into the habit).

Budget in place and monitored. Expenditure analysed.

And some other thingd


  1. May I highly recommend Pukka vanilla chai, with almond rice milk..... Super yummy and creamy and warming. Not caffeine, but so yum I almost prefer it!!

  2. That does sound good. I'll put it on my list


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