2013 Biggest Economy

Every summer we spend 3 weeks with a lot of family members at our house in Greece. We work every day on the house or garden and then go out in the evening. We love it. This year though is a change of plans and not for financial reasons.

My dad was ill in August and missed his holiday so we decided go for a week & some extra days in Spring, so he doesn't have to wait so long. But then its too soon to go again in August, plus very hot and very expensive (Fahed's old job meant school holidays for our time-off or nothing at all). So maybe we just have another short break later in the year.

We normally spend thousands on holiday, furniture, building materials, labour costs. This year we are going to order a ton of topsoil before we go. We are going to plant some trees around the house and sort out the irrigation. No building and no hard labour, just some pottering in the garden (or what will one day be the garden). Tomorrow I am starting to draw up plans and will take them to my parents and my gardening mad friends for some advice.

Costs will be (amounts as yet unknown):
Irrigation equipment
Second payment for window screen (400 euro)
More tax - I don't know how much but this is Greece and taxes arrive thick and fast.

I have no lovely photo's of my land to show you since my Dell Mini died :(