Friday, 18 January 2013

A Great British Tradtion

Thanks to a lovely Great British tradition (over reacting to snow) I was home by 2.30pm today. I also felt sufficiently virtuous through the sheer act of turning up and doing a bit of work, that I haven;t felt the need to do any real logging on to work type work since I got in.

I felt the universe was suggesting I take an hour to set up my new(ish) computer which I have had since mid December was still in the box. I also sorted through all of my home paperwork that has arrived since last admin day. I actioned and files or just plain filed. It felt good.

Its still only 5pm, the satellite TV isn't working so I can't get bogged own in watching tripe. This computer is upstairs in my cold study so I wont stay on here longer than necessary. So just going to do a couple more things to feel even more virtuous and amazing. Get the laundry done and in the dryer. I don't want to use the dryer but we all got the lurgy when I made the house damp with drying washing everywhere. Then stack and start the dishwasher. Lastly a quite flash around downstairs with the vacuum cleaner.

That means tomorrow no shopping because of snow. I can just do cooking and maybe some craft things, like the sewing I am half way through. The machine is set up in the rather freezing cold conservatory so maybe but maybe not.


  1. And here the whole country is in the gripes of a massive heat wave. Its been over 40c and much higher in places with all the associated perils - fires still raging in most states, thankfully no human lives lost.

  2. Not something I would be comfortable with although we do have big fires down in Crete where the other house is. You Aussies are a tough bunch, no doubt about it ( I am frightened of snakes too!)


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