Inspired by Froogs (again)

I can do the soup side of things ( and I do, lots and lots) but the weight and wobbling needs more attention. My big plan in January included a lot more exercise than has actually happened. Mostly because of my chest infection, honest.

My husband works at a leisure centre so in theory I have free entry to the Gym and swimming pool. In practice this might mean I get to use it on Sunday nights or before 5pm but the bad thing I just don't actually know. I haven't been to the gym in years. Must try harder!!!

What happened to the Wii? I forgot all about it.

Walks around the park at lunch. Snow stopped play.

The fitness is a 'we' thing with the family not just a 'me' thing.

The kids are doing just fine, cut down on food, eating more healthily than they wanted to, plenty of physical activity.

So just us fat, older ones needing to make an effort now.

Fahed was never overweight until he suffered a heart attack, then he developed a real fear of activity.
I put on a lot of weight with each kid and it never left.

We are now officially middle aged. It's got to go!

Fahed has started lifting weights, its not much but its a start.
Next week he & Jamal are going to a couple of local karate classes to test them out. They are going to attend at least one class, maybe both, on a weekly basis. Jamal already attends JuJitsu.

So now its me. No pressure. Only sloth let in town.

So today I enquired whether an old gym buddy would like to go back to the gym. Good news, she would. We are visited gyms next week to find the one for us. We plan twice per week initially.

And finally, I have found new Salsa classes. This is about the third time I have found them and each time they have gone bust. Hopefully we might get up and going before they go bust. I feel kind of guilty in case they too go down the pan.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    You can do it - just keep saying it.
    'I can do it'
    Take care

  2. good luck. it is the hardest thing, but with a buddy that helps. have you read 4 hour body. by the bloke who wrote 4 hour work week. its pretty good. helped my husband. though I have heard that the diet does work better on men than women. nevertheless its an inspiring read. he is a bit of a prick though. the bloke who wrote the book. not my husband!! and there is a lot in there about how to get really big muscles which probably wont interest you.....

  3. Thanks Cathy.

    I'll check it out Moyra, thank you muchly. I think my muscles are big enough so will be concentrating on the other bits!


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