New habits

Healthy - Breakfast of porridge, main meal of chicken and veggies. No bread (bread =evil= headaches)

Active - Um, not so much except a walk around the town and some vacuum cleaning.

Organised - I am asking the family to all tick the recipes they like from my Jamie's 15 minutes meals book. Might be a few new ideas to add into the meal planner.

Social - lunched/dined (it was 4.30, is that lunch or dinner) with the family. We kept the price down by ordering a special but it did feel nice to be all out together and having a good time and a chat. Note: find more fun deals

Frugal - I have six pounds, in vouchers, to spend in Matalan. I want six white supper plates (smaller than dinner plates). Anywhere else I would assume it wasn't enough but Matalan in the sale, this might just work. I also have £10 to spend in M&S (which I suspect will get me not very much). I didnt do a ull shop this week, just bought milk, butter and branflakes.

I have three days, after today, before I am back at work. I want to make the most of them pleasurably and with achievements. So far I am on track with all my achievement 'wants' except my clothes mending and adjusting. Tomorrow I plan to get to this, also to take my son or his merchant navy health check/medical, take a few things to the dump (we did the charity drop this pm), get the power sorted or my computer upstairs & get my office software loaded. I really miss being able to study and amend my budget.

Little nudges in the right direction