Breadmaking and something new

I have plans for today. My break from work seems more enjoyable and more useful when I have plans, and when I carry them out of course.

Find a new place for my bread machine and get some bread on the go. Almost worth it for the smell!

Defrost Christmas Pork (it was a good deal) and try  'pulled pork'. I have been blog reading and a lot of people are cooking this, so now its calling to me.

Take Jamal for his medical - £80 in cash. No, surely the doctor isn't avoiding  tax?? (He passed and has been issued the certificate -it lasts two years and has to be kept up to date throughout his naval career apparently)

Stack away all of the Christmas plates, biscuit jars and bowls etc in the larder. I am trying to hang on until 12th Night for the rest  even though I am dying to put it all away. I obviously don't believe in the whole good luck, bad luck thing but the year when I let the door decorations up or an extra day was the year when Fahed had a heart attack (yes, that actual day, in 2001) so I will stick to the rules just in case.

Find a place in the kitchen or my slow cooker/rice cooker. It cooks everything beautifully but I forget that I own it.

Pick up new (to me) dishwasher and change it over with my dead and really annoying dishwasher. We have spend so much on parts to ix this little grrrr and enough is enough. Two o my men are doing this right this minute. They are then going to it it and strip the old machine of all the new parts. Part o me says yes to the frugalness but I am less happy about the mess that I kow will also happen :(

Must set up the Wii. I it is here and accessible at all time then it is more likely to get used. Plus I actually really fancy some skiing!

Finish my mending - I have been saying it or ten days and it is all done except the actual stitching, Sigh.


  1. It's like our stuff has cloned itself. I keep telling myself to find my breadmaker and try it out again. Haven't done it though.

  2. I did and it was a bit fat fail. I forget how you have to get everything just right to make a success. oh, well, try again.


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