Using up leftovers

This is how it rolled just these last few days:-

I cant remember Sunday (so long ago) but there must have been sausages because they were available as leftovers on the Monday. The sausages were all half price in the post Christmas ASDA food clear out.

I seem to remember we were lucky to have any leftovers. My baby had an operation on his foot on Friday. He heals like a demon (no kidding, we all heal quickly but his is spooky fast) but his body understands how to marshal resources. Any time he is ill or healing then he eats about double his normal amount. On Sunday he had a cooked breakfast (yeah, full English) at my parents house, he had traditional Sunday roast 3 hours later but managed a snack in between those a dinner with us in the evening and some late night porridge.

Two of us leftover sausages and the other two had half each of a minute roast breast of lamb. We had this dauphinoise potato and sweet corn.

One of us had the leftover potatos and extra sweet corn.
Two had potatoes & chicken cooked in the oven with lemon juice. Yum.
Number our is at a friends house for two nights.

The one that had no chicken yesterday had his today. There wasn't a huge amount so I mixed in a tin of butter beans before re-heating the potato. The chicken was cold on the top as it doesn't seem wise to re-heat. Two crispy pita bread on the side.
The other two had half each o a reduced ASDA chicken pie, potatoes, peas and gravy.
Number four is still away but will be back tomorrow.

Tonight we ran out of leftovers so tomorrow we start over again. On the side de-frosting is a packet of stewing beef. Tomorrow it will be all cooked up with carrots (lots) , onions, potatoes. If I am not too late home from work then there will also be dumplings.

In the unlikely event that there is anything leftover (they are all working manually at the moment so ramping up the food intake) then it will probably join some curry ingredients in the pot on Friday. I also have some rozen veggie (mostly celeriac) sop to go in that pot.

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.