New Fitness Regime

We are on smoothies for breakfasts, and how filling are these? Why did no-one tell me before?? Then the old fella has a lunch of gluten free pitta, salad stuff and some chicken , tuna or an egg. In the evening he has a banana or a couple of carrots. So far he is a happy little soul & has got more done around the house this week than he has in all time since Christmas. If he is not gluten intolerant then I don't know what else has changed. He even managed 2 x 2 hour karate classes & is talking about joining a local 'Rocky Style' gym.

Despite my lack of confidence in my doctor prescription of antacids to cure my 3 month long cold, I have to admit to feeling much better. Yesterday I forgot my tablet and started coughing again. Weird, weird weird but I am smiling and awake at 8pm so I am wowed by the success.