Valentines Day Part 2

I did moan a little about the lack of acknowledgement of Valentines day (and 24th wedding anniversary). Fahed was most apologetic and said 'you know I don't know these things, you have to tell me when I am supposed to do something@. I can;t be cross, he is a sweety. We will go for a meal, or two, over the coming weeks to have a later celebration, assuming I can find some suitable bargains.

He didn't even point out, although he could have, that he always buys me a gift when he wins at poker. And that gift is personal and special to me, not just chocolates or flowers. I once had an orbital sander and another time a set of acrylic paints. Isn't he lovely??

On the subject of buying things, we have a quite tight February as the pool shuts for 3 weeks and Fahed doesn't get paid more for that time. So big celebrations on Friday when we are have money of the spendible kind again. We have been fine for food because of our new healthier eating habits, fine for fuel despite the fact that petrol is currently £1.39 per litre (EEEK!) but there are just a few things which I would like this month & am planning a little spendfest. Its my babies 21st birthday. We spend £50 on presents but two of his Christmas items were not successful this year & were returned, so I also need to replace them. He is off to university (and the sea!) in September so I am planning to try to renew a bit of his old and tired wardrobe.

My front door lock is on its last legs & its only a matter of time until we are all sending the night in the front driveway with that one. Lastly the landline phone cant be dialled or answered with any regularity. I am also going to ensure it is a phone when you can block certain numbers. Its not too bad if you are at work all day but if you are at home then the constant mis-sold PPI, unlock your pension etc. calls can be very wearing. I have blocked those which originate with the UK but the overseas ones still sneak through. If this doesn't work then the landline can stay, for broadband, but we wont have an actual handset attached. Its the only way to keep our sanity.


  1. Our gas is $3.35 per gallon right now. I don't know the exact conversion but I do know that yours is a lot more expensive!

  2. Ours is now of the price that makes you not bother go anywhere except work. A high proportion is tax and then the government complains we don't spend any money, well i might if i could afford to leave the house!


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