Saturday - A moderate to do list

I have things to do but I totally lack energy. Its 2pm and I am already counting down until bed time.

I dropped off to sleep again this morning so when I got to the shop to do my grocery shopping or the week, £68 = result, the place was packed. Parking was a nightmare so I was tired and grumpy before I even collected my trolley. The food is all tucked away in the larder, freezer or fridge now.

Laundry is done, mostly dry and mostly folded ready to go away. Give me another hour and it will be all good. I dropped into the bank to pay in my sons pay cheque on the way to the shops.

Before I left this morning I rolled up the rug from the sitting room. It looks really grubby all of a sudden and as its not good weather for rug scrubbing, so its rolled up and put away. Maybe it comes back next winter  or maybe not. I like my hard wood floors more than carpet.

Right now I am rinsing through a jazzy top, a pink stripy top and some kitchen towels. They are just about the be dyed black. The tops are too colourful for me and the kitchen towels just look tired so hopefully this refreshes them.

I also have some new insoles to cut down for my new boots (£98 down to £25 in January sale, whoop!).

I might be able to do a couple more things but nothing too wild and exciting. At least I can feel productive for what has got done.

I wont be cooking today. The boys are both out and Fahed has made some houmous which, with some nice greenery and pitta bread. will feed him well today.


  1. Sorry to hear you are still fighting this. Hopefully the extra time will encourage it to leave for good!

  2. Thank you. I think I should have taken a few days off back in the autumn. I have learned my lesson!

  3. I have a cold this week and I can't wait for it to leave. Being sick, especially for a long time, is such a drag. Get better soon!


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