Valentines Day, you say?

I had a lovely but busy week which would have been nicer if my husband even knew that Valentines day existed. I don't do cards but how about a coffee in bed? Or dinner out. It's not deliberate as he lives in his own (low level aspergers ) world but sometimes would be nice. Never mind, I have been married 24 years, and yes he did forget our anniversary, so
I should know better.

This week he has a dyslexia assessment at college. Severely dyslexic but above average intelligence. I think he was pleased. Must be frustrating for a man who can speak three languages to have problems taking meaning from written word. He can read but not pick the meaning from what he is reading, very odd. Anyway the good things about dyslexic brains outweigh the bad so again, I might just keep him!

I maderised very popular this week
By knocking out pancakes pretty much every day. So cheap and so quick,maybe we had have a pancake meal a day.

This morning youngest son and I are off to do grocery shopping. He is very good and will ferret out the bargains. Then he is making me a fish pie with kale in the topping ( green fish pie????). I am deep cleaning bathroom and cleaning all of the mirrors. After work is complete we are going to visit my friends who house renovate to share out plans for the Crete house. Sound exciting? Certainly better than all weeks where just setting the washing machine has tired me out. I think I am starting to feel better, after only ten weeks!