Winter Barbecue

My husband is barbecue crazy. I think that in Syria, in normal times, cooking outdoors is a big friendly family event and more commonplace than in rainy England, although, bless him, he as adated and can cook with a large golf umbrella over him.

I thought that as a romantic treat on Saturday I would prepare some chicken, a salad and some Cypriot potato Salad and head of to the seaside, without telling him..

Friday night I bought & prepared the chicken and the potato salad. Then the snow arrived and I got cold feet (yes, literally and figuratively) and wondered if i ought not to drag him for a forty mile drive through snow to freeze his socks off at the seaside.

Luckily he loved the idea of the barbie but he was a bit unsure of the seaside side of things (more sensible than me) so moved it to the garden instead. That meant that the kids and their mates would also want to eat so we added a little more chicken. We got snowed on but we dressed up enough to keep warm(ish).

Cypriot Potato Salad
Boil baby new potatoes. Finely chop a bunch of parsley. Peel and squish four cloves of garlic.
Dress the otatoes whilst they are still warm with the parsley, garlic, good olive oil (from my friends Olives groves), juice of a lemon and a little salt. Taste and adjust seasoning.  Eat whilst still just warm..


  1. Looks delicious! Barbequeing is huge here but I have never joined the trend. I don't enjoy cooking in smoke or with the bugs.

  2. It doesnt seem to get smokey unless the meat is fatty, so that was okay. No sign of bugs in this weather, they had more sense than we did!

  3. We have too much snow right now to do BBQ outside but I can't wait for summer :) We have a small George Forman grill that we use inside once in a while but it's not the same.

  4. Hi Lena
    Ours was just a few flakes or else my husband would have run indoors. We dont get a lot of snow so we are hopeless with it
    No the same, you are right, we need the actual flames


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