Google Drive

Why did no one tell me? Its brilliant!

I have had Rupert, my mini laptop, back from the repairer. He is up and running again but in the meanwhile I loaded my Office 2010 software on the office desktop. Pretty sure I cant also load it on Rupert & on the whole that's fine but sometimes I want to make notes. So I did some faffing about within Google Chrome and discovered Google Drive. Amazing.

I loaded my to do list, my garden schedule, such as it is, and my shopping list.  One of my major organisaing faults is that I can never decide if I prefer notebooks or electronic note & record keeping. So normally I do my shopping list on my work laptop (in a break, honest) and then print it and tuck it into my notebook prior to shopping. I love paper books for pleasure writing but for organisation I really like to be able to check, amend, update and delete things.. This week I did the work laptop list and then saved it to my Google Drive. On my phone I downloaded the Google Drive App. Bob's my Uncle, as they say. Shopping list on the hone and I could delete items as I picked them up. Normally I scrabble around for a pen to cross out as we go but more than once I have used my eyeliner. No this week though. By the time we left the shop I had a small list of things which I hadn't found.  Tres Efficient!

So this week I am adding to my list, via the hone, as I go. I suppose I could do it all on my hone just using the notes facility but I refer to do the initial writing u on a big screen. I may come unstuck if I dont have wifi but otherwise, all smiles.


  1. Way too over my head stuff this - pen and paper girl here. Will admit to using the note thingy on the new ipad but you have to have it on to see it whereas a list can be stuck on the wall beside the calendar lol
    Anyway it sounds like you are in your element - go for it.
    Haven't been to 'blogland' for a while - staying away till next week. I lose all track of time and its not good for my eye at the moment
    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    That works for you, its my indecisiveness which causes me problems. I had lasik about two years ago so you have my sympathy. Stick with knitting and avoid the blogospehere for a while


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