Eat whatever you like day

I think that this is the second week of healthier eating so in line with our original plan Sunday is eat what you fancy day. So what did we eat when we could eat anything?

Ahdel doesn't appear to have eaten anything all day
Jamal ate a roast dinner without potatoes at his nan's house, probably roast beef, cabbage, cauli, carrots - not especially indulgent but he is now complaining of bellyache and feeling ill.
Fahed & I had our usual smoothies for breakfast, mostly mango since you ask. We didn't bother with lunch as smoothies were late. This evening we had Chinese. Which is to say that I made ham fried rice & a chicken & broccoli stirfry - 2 chicken thighs in total. We didn't manage half of it & abandoned it in favour of yogurt each. I think a little 'high five' might be in order.


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