Odd Job Day

With the new google drive set up my little 'to do' list follows me everywhere, there is no avoiding!

So I already did my food shop for the week. Budget is £100 per week but today's total came in at £57. This is all thanks to our healthy eating regime. The foods tend to be the same price or more but there is much less of it but we are all feeling well fed. Only Fahed's gluten free pitta lets us down at £2 a pack instead of 50p. However his tummy is happier and he has more energy so it's worth it. The rest of us are avoiding carbs, other than those in veggies, which I guess is why we are happier with smaller portions and going snackless.  My morning smoothie fills me up more successfully than any marmalade on toast previously has. Amazing stuff. I am not pruning the budget just yet though, to be on the safe side.

Laundry - Done
Dishes - Done
Shower curtain needs a serious wash - Done
I am boxing up the guys tools in the conservatory as they have finished what they were doing but need them for something new ( I think tiling) next week
Sorting out some more books for the charity shop- Started
Extension power lead needs fixing as it has an intermittent fault - Done
Wooden knob needs re-attaching on my bedroom drawers - Done
Sort out pile of stuff to go to the Crete house at the end of the month - Started
Book airport parking
Book parents luggage for flight to Crete
Hang new kitchen clock ( bought in Matalan sale using voucher - free Clock!)
Plant some mustard & cress
Sort my dishcloths, cleaning clothes etc - Done



  1. It all sounds so productive. I'm a little jealous but then I did sleep late today and do a few chores so I guess I was productive too.

  2. Sleeping late was productive too!


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