Holiday Count Down

We are off to the Crete house next week for a little break. Only 8 days not the usual 3.5 weeks but nonetheless it will be good. I cant go for longer at this time of year as it is year end but I just tacked a few days onto Easter so that I wouldn't be missed too much. My dad missed out on his holiday with us last September so rather than wait another year I thought it would be good to go on the first flight of the year. There wont be swimming but the temperature will be around 20 plus degrees. Here it is around 2 degrees. Maybe its enough to get rid of the cough and cold I have had since December 1st!

We are taking a single case. So today I am going to organise myself to maximise the use of my 20kg. I like the challenge. If i wanted then I could pay for 2 more bags for £45 but its not necessary. My first thought is to take to pieces a small book case that I have. So that can be today's challenge.

We wont do much work whilst we are there this time. We have a little painting to do, some external woodwork or porch roofs over the front door and some windows, it some curtain poles, we need to chase up the guy that should have fitted our metal fly screens. Because it will be much cooler than summer I am hoping my  mum will help me with a garden plan. She can have good old wander and dig about, which is just way too hot to do in the summer.

After this we don't go again until Summer 2014. We will spend the in between times saving up for some stonework and other building work for which we probably need actual builders rather than DIY.

Slowly we get there.