Plenty of Time

I am borrowing an idea from Moyra I appear to have an eternal quest for enough time to do everything and generally just about fit everything in but I have a suspicion that I might slow down when time is more readily available and sneakily I flourish under pressure or time constraints. So I am going to turn my ideas around a little and see whether I do better with all the time in the world, or is that what I already have? Brain ache might be what I already have.

I just spend two days away at conference. It was excellent and they kept us so busy I feel like I was away for weeks. I went on until 9pm for the presentations and 1.30am if you wanted a lot of free booze (and who wouldn't want to spend the night chatting to other accountants, actuaries, insurers and valuers!). Breakfast was at 7.30am the next day with a big firm of accountants was analyzing the budget for us by 8am. The brilliant Andrew Neil spoke to us at nine. These accountants are made of tough stuff, we had done a days work by 11am, although my boss fell asleep in the breakfast meeting. I am home now but still buzzing with all the activity.

So maybe I do flourish when pushed as I do seem to like to be busy. I also dont mind my staff ringing me when I am not at work so am I needy too? How many faults can I have and still be this happy? Oh well. My time creation plan is first thing to do. I will worry about whether I am needy another time,  or actually I guess, when I have the time.


  1. It is so inspiring that you like your job so much. It gives me hope that I will find a job that I like one day.

  2. I am lucky. I did get fed up when my previous boss was in her last 12 months with us as she made it not so nice but i think it was just because she was unhappy not doing it on purpose. Still hoping to retire early though!


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