Low Obligation Saturday

Laundry is almost complete.
Dishwasher is working again.
Kitchen cleaning is minimal as kitchen is part way through being tiled by my lovely son.
Grocery shopping was done with my other lovely son last night.
I visited my friend last weekend and the weekend before.
I need to clean my car inside & vacuum right through & then I can do whatever I like this weekend. Feels very liberating.

Greek -I am going to do a bit of Greek homework. Where our house is in Greece there are no English speakers and I was told to improve my Greek by next visit by the old folk who want to chat. Bless them, I have to come up with something!  

Ebaying - I have a ton of stuff to photograph and advertise and a ew extra ££££ is always good.

Sewing -I have sleeves to it to a dress which otherwise wont be worn and sleeves to hem on another top. I can only do this i someone else is home to help with the needle threading (sad but true). I this goes well I will have a go at making the patchwork wallet form the kit supplied by Carla, some months back.

I may start pulling together a pile of stuff to take on holiday.

This is our little village :)  Very unusually there are clouds over our 'wedding cake' church.


  1. I can't imagine learning Greek but then owning a house where everyone speaks Greek would certainly be good motivation. That is a very pretty picture of the church.

  2. My husband learns so effortlessly and with me every word has to be stapled to my forehead to learn but yes, no one speak English, so it has to be done!


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