Monday, 11 March 2013

Money, money, money

We have got into a little bad habit lately. A little touch of frittering away on things we could easily manage without. Some new tops, a new bag, some new spanners (not me!), fix the laptop, fix the car. Some things could have waited. We have some good new habits too. I have upped the monthly standing order to pay an extra £200 from the mortgage.

From now we are getting back on track. We have had 'the chat' and talked ourselves out of our wastefulness. This lasts a couple of months before we have to have a stern talking to ourselves again.

We are quite lucky considering the economy but even for us it is getting tighter and tighter. Petrol is up again, food prices rising weekly. Even with our healthier eating and portion control it is pretty pricey.  And now we have snow in March. It is so darn cold. But even though we went back to drying laundry in the tumble dryer, when the endless racks of washing made the house feel cold & damp all of the time, we at least are not carrying a debit through on our utilities account. Maybe we can decrease our payments as the warm weather comes along, and lets hope it wont be snowing in July.

All the same, roll on pay day!


  1. I go through those cycles too. it just starts to slip, our resolve.... and then stuff happens like visitors and all.... time to climb back on it again....

  2. Doesn't take much does it Lizzie - we've had an endless heatwave this past 3 months and decided we would use the fans instead of the aircon. Doors and windows open overnight help to cool the house down a little, so it was working well (well enough to keep us satisfied) and that idea lasted till the other day when it was just so hot and humid I flicked the switch. Such (cool) delight for a few hours and then we came to our senses.

    Electric bill time will be when I get the pen and paper out and make it right again lol
    Take care


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