Kung Fu Panda does lifesaving so Lizzie get busy

So, the Kung Fu Panda (its suits him, it really does) is way at a life saving course today. Briefly home for a late lunch and then off to work.

 I can do whatever I want, so I started off with a bit of painting. I am dreadful at painting and decorating but, in my defence, at least I do at least occasionally try. Also my house is very old (and odd) so everyone expects dodgy wood work :)   So all morning i have been slathering creamy coloured yogurty looking paint over everything in sight. Looks lovely, and in some places quite yummy as long as you can't smell it.

I also took the opportunity to finally follow a tutorial from Carla at my 1/2 dozen daily, to turn a pile if little bits of fabric I to a glasses case. It won't win prizes but considering I had none of the tools and just a borrowed sewing machine with some dodgy old cotton, I am more than pleased with the results

KFP just got home from his course and he was presented with two really big awards for his services over the years by the big RLSS Kahuna (  I asked who it was but he didn't know - the certificate says that the Queen is the patron but surely even he would have noticed had the Queen made the presentation?? Maybe


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