Saturday, 20 April 2013

A home day list

A beautiful sunny day and a load of plans has come to nothing.. Fahed cooked us salmon with rice and tomato salsa last night and now we both feel awful, and so tired from being up all night.  I am going to make do with some housework and then look forward to not feeling sick tomorrow, and doing all of the fun stuff then. Bleugh!

And so:
Housework - clean and tidy sitting room and kitchen, tidy study, swish around upstairs bathroom.
Mending - quite a few items needing attention.
Laundry - started and will finish
Dishes - one load in and another mounting up
Cooking - nope - the salmon seems fine, we think the rice caused our problems. However we will surely know after today meal.

Front garden - over the course of the week a general tidy up and sort out. The back garden needs doing more but no-one can see it!
Trip to the dump - Was planned for this morning but my son has kindly agreed to assist his dad during the week instead.

Thats enough for a sickly girl even on a sunny day


  1. Not fun especially when you had so much planned! Hope you feel better.

  2. Oh no! Is this the same sickness that has been plaguing you? I was hoping the warm Crete weather would have chased it away.

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather.


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