Capsule (ish) wardrobe plans

Its a bank holiday weekend and I booked a flexi day for Friday. But then, in a moment of madness, I added an extra annual leave day to it to make a whole five days without work. Yaay.

Once upon a time I would have wanted a weekend in Paris or at least a trip out but for some reason I am quite excited about five days of doing stuff around the house. I think it is because of finally being able to see the results of my endless de-cluttering. The kids can still make the place pretty untidy but overall I am seeing a difference.

Today I am concentrating on my bedroom and, if it stop hailing (in bloody MAY!) the front garden, but mainly the bedroom.

I am opening up the under-bed storage.

All of my clothes will then be sorted into:

  • Winter (to go into a storage box)
  • Crete stuff (another storage box - then off to Crete at some point)
  • Charity
  • Ebay
  • Keep

There is a probably also going to be a pile of ;

  • 'How did that get in there, it's not even mine'
Ebay is going okay, not huge profits but money for old clothes so better than nothing. That makes me inclined to try harder and maybe take better photos too.

My target is not financial though, the idea is that by the end of today I know what clothes I have and can access them easily. I can also identify what I need to make everything work. I wouldn't call it a capsule wardrobe  even at its best, but the fact that I choose from a limited range of colours does help. Today I am also going to be strong and get rid of things I like but that are not in colours I wear. I am comfortable with that as long as I learn from it and don't buy a brown suit again, just because I like the cut of one of the jackets (literally never worm - waste of money, much?).