Saturday, 25 May 2013


Lena at Frugal & Thankful is making a few changes, since her poor husband is losing his job.

I am going to join in the 20 ways in 20 days challenge to give her some support. She is a great person and if anyone can cope and change things for the better then I think she can.

In fact I am doing some thing which would fit 20W20D today but it is too early to count.

My friend Margret is an ebay whizz. She does everything right and makes loads of extra cash, just from emptying her house. I do sell on ebay but not much and at bargain rates. I am off to see her at lunch time for the first lesson


  1. I have a 4 day weekend and I am a little sad that half of it is gone already and it doesn't feel like I have accomplished much but that is because I am doing things for other people. A 5 day weekend at home sounds wonderful.

  2. it is! I did work and errands each day but did finish off this afternoon with a nice barbecue in the back garden. Sometimes a break is needed


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