I am well (as well)

I am using Moyra's positive affirmation doodah to rid myself of all the evil lurgy which has pursued me since somewhen last December. And I am not going to whine about being ill since my friend just had to be hospitalised with pneumonia and so is definitely worse off than I am, bless his little cotton socks.

So how is it all going? Well, all seems to be well, actually. I am bounding about with positivity (sounded right in my head).

Work is going well. New boss seems good. She is encouraging me to do a NLP qualification paid for by the company. I am quite taken with the idea. I love learning anything new and this is right outside of my comfort zone,, so even better.

I have been off the computer this week and getting stuff done in the real world instead. I bought stuff. I rarely do this but my clothes and accessories were suddenly looking very tired. I have to be fairly smart for work, although the kindly don't seem to mind my quirkiness, bless them. Now I am all kitted up except for being in need of a few tops.

We have also being doing a few house type things like mending the leaky bath edge, sorting wardrobes and contents, sorting under bed storage.

On top of that I have been selling on ebay.

Oh yes, and I have been making an effort to go out, so easy now we have light evenings and my bed doesnt call quite so early.

So there we are. I am on fire, and I am well!