I can be taught

My natural inclination is to learn or do something new, do it until I can do it fairly well and then lose interest and never do it again. Hence no hobbies other than 'new stuff'. Apparently this is normal for my 'type' . Thank you MBTI for making me realize that if I am weird then at least 5% of the population are the same kind of weird.. I am rubbish at routines and habits. But I have learnt to do some thing by repetition, building habits. I never forget to shower and clean my teeth before I go to work in the morning ( you might be pleased to know I also remember to dress!) and it never makes me think, I am board with showering so I wont do it anymore. I believe that to make my life 'easier' I should try to add a few habits. I am working on a list (assuming I don't lose interest before i get implementation stage, as I normally do) that will make me a better person (not really, but maybe a less frantic person)

  • Swish and flick bathroom every day (thank you Flylady)
  • Make sure dishwasher is stacked at night and kitchen is wiped around.
  • Monitor bank daily and stick to budgets
  • Get laundry and vacuuming finished before weekend.
What else needs to go on the new habits list??

Watch this to laugh lots and lots:

This video is brilliant and made me cry laughing. so just watch it!


  1. It is refreshing to see people who are willing to be fun and spontaneous. I would never to that!

  2. They are amazing. Wish I could sing but i feel that everyone would switch off if it was me.


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