Re budgetting

Yes, again.
Last night I jumped into bed nice and early and then lay there for 30 minutes thinking Hopped out again and spent 90 minutes gathering financial information and updating my budget. I have to be more disciplined. My budget works but one kid not working (until September, then he is sorted with sponsorship at uni) and the other on very short hours, then I am getting nowhere fast. I will have to be a bit more strict until I am not supporting them (so much).
This month, no takeaways (last month we had two) and no eating out (once last month, :( ).
No new stuff unless aid for by ebay income - I can do that, so far I bought a new top, some Birkenstocks, a Radley handbag and a new purse all with my recycled junk.
All surplus income to debt/mortgage repayment.
I am happy with food bills at the moment.. Budget is £400 per month but we actually spending slightly over half of that. We eat much, much less than previously and far more healthily. Amazing stuff.

I also have a new current account The pan is to use it for bills, mortgage etc as it is a cashback account. The main account will just be used for shopping.

Its all coming together, just hang in there. The recession will be over at some point,, I assume??


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