2 1/2 weeks

Fahed is off to visit his family tomorrow/ 2.5 weeks of just me and the boys (who are men, not boys, so I am safely home alone). As I have mentioned before Fahed is a little bit in the aspergers area, so change is not appreciated. Before & after his holiday he is very unsettled anyway so I also use his time away to make any major changes I want to around the house. Hey, he is going to be grizzly anyway so I might as well use it. This time his sofa is going. It is old and tired. We have two sofas in the conservatory so one of those is coming in to the sitting room. Then we re-arrange that rest of that room to make it better for Ahdel and his music stuff (guitars, amps and all sorts are everywhere), but I also get a quiet reading area. The new sofa will be better for Fahed as it is more comfortable and better quality but all the same, it is change. He does know about this but I wont be reminding him again as it might get veto'd in the tense days before travel. I have also made myself a massive task list to complete during this time, mostly painting, varnishing and a bit more de-cluttering. I like to be kept busy but am also setting aside some creative time. I rather like the freedom of 2.5 weeks without having to worry about change,timings and all the rest but I am happy to get back to normal at the end of it. Cant add photos again - sigh