Friday, 21 June 2013

Food Waste Friday

This is new to me. I am not a waster by nature it helps to be accountable.

This week is my first week and hopefully my worse ever week as I chose to have a bit of a sort out in the pantry, fridge and freezer. Oh, the guilt.

4 freshly frozen sardines - I bought a load and ate half.. They are too small to gut and I cant be happy with the idea of eating them un-gutted

4 instant 'burger in a bun' things which I bought for my son ahead of our holiday - one son can cook but the other one would starve in front of an open fridge. These were too awful even for him so after three months I have accepted they need to go.

2 frozen gluten free crumpets - they were horrid and Fahed would prefer no crumpets to them crumpets..

2 manky bananas - one frozen and one fresh. Couldn't work out how to peel the frozen one and the fresh one just got missed.



  1. Love that you're on board with this. I used to take part every week, got down to zero waste, then bad habits crept back in, so I'm taking part again. You;ll be amazed how much the accountability gets you on track. Good luck for next week!

    Warm wishes
    Rae @

  2. Welcome to Food Waste Friday. I have been participating for a while and have my food waste down to a minimum. However, I should do a freezer and pantry cleanout soon also. I don't think my list will be as small as yours.

  3. Hi Both
    Thanks for the welcome. I will be over visit.
    I am hoping that knowing I must 'fess up to any waste should help me manage it better.

  4. That reminds me of a few things that have been living in my freezer since my parents moved out 6 months ago. A package of Healthy Choice Taquitos that no one wanted the first time and a ready made pie crust that I can't decide what to do with. I wonder if it's still good?


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