30 ways in 30 days mid term update

  1. Learn to ebay more successfully - My friend Margret is showing me the way to go. Selling much better and making some cash! - COMPLETE
  2. Make an effort to actually put into practice what I have learned (5 items a week minimum until the house is empty!)Five items finishing this week again. - COMPLETE but also ongoing
  3. Attend as much of Ahdel's bands gig as possible Tickets booked for next gig 23rd July - COMPLETE but also ongoing
  4. Make an effort to socialise with a friend at least once a week, doesn't need to be 'out' but does need to be fun Went out Saturday to a free gig in the park and visited family and then visited another friend on Sunday. Go me! - COMPLETE but also ongoing
  5. Organise my ebay packing/posting centre so that I am not always late and always putting too much postage on to packages because I don't have time to do it properly. Done - made myself a little folder of tape, paper, plastic packaging bags, stamps,pens etc which goes in my Ebay basket.- COMPLETE
  6. Re-visit utility costs and see about changing changed to Sainsbury Utilities - COMPLETE
  7. Find 8 new one to one students for Fahed COMPLETE
  8. Book Ahdel on a (very expensive) course to improve his swimming teaching qualifications Have to book on or by 7th June. Bye bye £395 COMPLETE (course starts tomorrow)
  9. Re-visit all insurances, cars and home,to see if they are still competitive and when they can be changed without penalty. All in October/November -- As COMPLETE as can be until October.
  10. Set up printer with the desktop computer FAIL - must try harder this week
  11. Find out when all of the mobile phone contracts expire so that we can FAIL - must try harder this week
  12. Get a new Tesco club card - the petrol station that I go to is Tesco Express, although not their fuel unfortunately so I might as well get points on anything else I buy whilst I am there Ordered & arrived. Plus the Esso station has started giving Tesco points on fuel so I have given a card to the other car owners in the family too COMPLETE
  13. Sign up for weekly emails telling me the cheapest local fuel station Done and it is quite a surprise COMPLETE
  14. Find details of nectar account and where you can get points Ensure I am signed up to get my nectar points on ebay. Sorted. And i have enough points for half of a dress that I like in Sainsbury's shop. I am going to get that dress and I am getting it for nothing.....somehow COMPLETE
  15. Visit Quidco and see if I am missing anything there Opened a new bank account for Fahed and got £50 COMPLETE
  16. Spend more time in the garden. Its fun and enjoyable and sometimes the housework can just wait its turn. I am doing this so COMPLETE but ongoing
  17. Spend more time with Fahed. We work at different times and so its not always easy but we could try harder. FAIL - COMPLETE but ever ongoing. We went out to lunch and a couples of wanders together.
  18. Find some new series to watch on TV. I think we might be a bit weird as TV viewers as a family. The TV is only on when being actively watched, not just to make noise. When we are watching something which we often do all together, then we don't talk except as we fast forward through the ads or if there is something in the programme to discuss. When someone leaves the room, we pause the TV until they come back. Are we weird?? Discuss  Trying Sherlock, Perception and Grimm - (any more is too much - I dont have a lot of spare time for TV so 5 x 1 hour programs is about my upper limit) COMPLETE 
  19. Make up a calendar of annual renewals so that I know when to start investigating utilities, insurances etc. And why not put birthdays etc on the same calendar as they don't exactly change year on year. Not yet complete but I have started a book and log of everything. UM, NOT QUITE
  20. Make up a list of outstanding jobs on a room by room basis: hopefully it is less daunting than just thinking everything needs doing in every room! Get cracking! Ahdel mended a scratch in the bath. Small stuff but a start.Not made the list yet but actual work is progressing well
  21. My birthday on Saturday and I am going out with my best friend for the day. If it doesn't rain we are going to a free music event in a park in the town, with a picnic and some wine :). I am glad of this as Fahed has a course all day learning about integrating swimming lessons for the disabled into mainstream lessons. Cant really miss it but I didn't want to be home alone on my birthday. COMPLETE - It was great and we took a picnic and wine and an amazing cake with me on it, which she kindly carried all the way from the island for a surprise for me.
  22. Family birthday treat is a meal cooked by Fahed on Sunday night. Hopefully a nice video as well.COMPLETE and a very enjoyable family evening it was too
  23. My friend had the same new years resolution as me - more fun in her life but the economical sort. So we are looking at other fun things to do. Next thing is Shakespeare at the Globe but on the Island. Something good to look forward to. COMPLETE but ongoing
  24. I have found someone who wants my jewellery findings and she is very nice so happy that they have a nice new home to go to COMPLETE
  25. I am going to learn to ice cakes, either from youtube or night classes or just by mucking around with icing. I make good cakes so I should be able to ice them. Not yet started as no birthdays until August but I am planning two for my friend and for my sister then.
  26. I am planning to get a bike. There is some tax deductible scheme at work whereby you can pay for a bike form your pre tax salary and safe 40%. I am looking into it & hope to visit bike shop tomorrow.
  27. Went for a walk around the park at lunch today with my mate Paul. we booked it into our diaries to do it every Monday lunchtime. COMPLETE but ongoing
  28. Re-organise conservatory to make better use of space - Before end of June but after Fahed goes to visit his family. He can;t cope with the trauma of change.
  29. Make sure I attend weekly singing group at work - COMPLETE by ongoing, good fun.
  30. Clear a debt - will be done by end of June :)
I am really happy with how much progress I am making. Maybe I should do this every month.