Sunday, 23 June 2013

Works well under pressure

My mending basket had got too full to actually carry around up until yesterday. Finally I could avoid no more. There were two pairs of Fahed's trousers to be hemmed & two pairs of jiggers to be mended/hemmed. All had to be done ready for packing.
All went well so I also fixed the sleeves on a silky top which we weird and puffy (no more!).  Then I mended two pairs of my own jeans which were in the basket so long I had actually forgotten I had them. Next a pair of Ahdel work trousers. And nothing went wrong, as it so often does, withy lack of about combined with my mums ancient sewing machine. 
Just started to pin the arms on a dress (mail order and looked weird without sleeves- somehow I found matching fabric, yaay) and we ran out of time. I really left it to the very last moment. Silly but I whipped the ought it and nothing went wrong so I guess it suits me to work under some time constraints.

And when we get back dropping Fahed at the airport I am going to do those sleeves even though I don't need the dress until December :)  


  1. I have had a button from my nephew's shorts taped to the refrigerator for months now. I don't even know which shorts it belongs too. You would think that I would be capable of sewing on a simple button! I can't imagine adding sleeves to a dress. That is way beyond my skills.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I need someone to stand over me and beat me with a stick and then i do it, and i enjoy getting it all done, but why cant i just do it straight away. I had forgotten I owned two of the pairs of jeans which I fixed


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