The Old Reader - make sure you do it right!

So I moved all my blog subscriptions to a new reader, the old reader, which I like very much. After a few days i thought that its funny that I haven't had an update from Moyra lately, then i got an update via Facebook and realised that subscription had dropped off. The this evening I noticed Daizy was missing. Then Froogs was gone... I have obviously re-added everyone but not sure who else I have lost. If you change reader using export import functionality then do be careful you don't ditch all of your favourites, like I did.


  1. I'm glad you found me again!

  2. Lizzie it's a great site - thanks for the recommendation the other day. It's almost as good as (if not better than) G Reader and so far I've not had any problems like yours but because the import from Gr instructions were so weird - or at least they were to me - I chose the copy paste url alternative and did them one by one. Also can check with GR for the rest of the time available - am debating over some that I read so still have a few days to make up my mind.
    Yes I can always do it after the first but if they are visible in GR it might spur me to make the decision - do I continue to read or not??? Not you lol - will always keep up with your Home and Frugal Ways.
    Take care


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