Action Stations

It has been a quiet old week The old fella is away visiting his sister, mum & dad have gone to Penzance for a few days, sister and brother in law go to the seaside on Thursday and come back on Monday morning (they are in retirement mode fomr their self employment) Jamal went visiting various mates on Thursday and isn't back until tomorrow. So its just me, the birds and my eldest son. However eldest goes to work just before I get home and later (on Fridays) has band practice. I feel a little more starved of company than usual. Bless him though, he did make me stay up until after band practice last night so that we could have a couple of glasses of red wine. Then the poor love came home with awful tooth ache, so we called it a day by midnight. So to cut a long story short (too late) I am likely to really ramble today as haven't had anyone non work to talk to since Tuesday night, for more than a few minutes.. Ramble, ramble.........

We will be going to the airport to pick Fahed up on Tuesday night. So I have four days left to do all of the things I like to do whilst he is away. Whilst that might sound like I had wild and exciting things in mind I actually mean painting and varnishing the landing area (smell makes him sick - and grumpy) and changing his sofa (change == eek!)plus a bit of a super clean. I need huge amounts of energy and quite a bit of inclination to get through this weekends to do list.  Plus I mustn't forget to pick up my parents from the station this afternoon, meet another mate for an eBay photo session. And am now apparently invited to a monopoly party at my own house (assuming we can find the Star Wars monopoly).

Maybe I will go mad this weekend and not make a list, just play it by ear. I can do it

Nothing to do with anything but is this not lovely???