Normal Service MUST be resumed

The old fella has been away for 2.5 weeks & I just noticed I have been uncommonly 'spendy' in that time.

I bought him some welcome home presents, a blue pumpkin jar which matches others we have, a little brown ceramic hedgehog moneybox for his £2 coins, a kung fu panda (looks like him) just to make him laugh.

Jamal & I had a few (ton of ) books each, mostly from ebay and they were a deal but, you know, I am not supposed to be actively cluttering. Ahdel got a new game (for passing his swimming exam) and I paid for some of his music stuff.

Oh and then I accidently bought a second hand kindle yesterday (for travel purposes, obviously).

So I haven't actually spent much money as I am quite a canny purchaser but the rot must stop now. Right this second.

Oh, and just remembered there were craft things too. Some bun feet for a cupboard I am working on, some adhesive spray for a quilt I am working on, and some purple cotton (Gutermann cotton - not cheap) for a dress I am working on. Some many UFO's.

Stop, stop, stop, stop , stop it right now.