Friday night summing up

Food waste - I was going to do a Friday Food Waste post but last week and this week we didn't have any (unless someone snuck stuff out to the bin when I wasn't looking). I think it is more to do with what we are eating, everything is perfect for leftovers (endless salads, grilled meats or fish, dips) so its more like the fridge is acting like a mezzeh table and we graze over the days. Keeping in with the salad theme I am treating myself to a Pimms tongiht :

My honey bunny (yep,feeling softee) is back from his family visit and loving to be home. Tomorrow he is working in the morning but afterwards we are off to Dorset for more grilled meat and salads, barbecue time at my sisters caravan.

Sunday we stay home, maybe do some gardening if its not too hot and perhaps barbecued chicken and salad for lunch. Definitely a theme emerging here.