Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Emergency funds

I haven't got one. I used to have one but since the recession it got eroded away and although it is on my list, it isn't right at the top. I have been feeling a little guilt until i read this very sensible post from Plunged into Debt

So this is my acceptance that i do need an emergency fund but maybe not just yet:

British - Free, at point of service, health care. And I have no complants. There NHs may be a top heavy dinosaur but I love it even with it's failings.

I have a job which I love and pretty sure they like me too. Plus I have been there so long now that my redundancy payment would be largely un-affordable unless they really seriously wanted to see the back of me. However if we merged with another organisation I might put in for voluntary redundancy and half my mortgage overnight with my redundancy pay.

In four year time I could take my final salary defined benefits pension. Obviously greatly reduced because of early retirement but still do-able.

I have another house which I could live in and rent out our house to cover mortgage payments. Might not be what I want to do but Zoopla tells me it is possible.

My husband loves his job (teaching kids & adults to swim) and seems to be a popular teacher, so he does get a lot of work.

One of my kids has got a sponsored position as a merchant navy cadet,, to do his degreee, starting in September. He will grt pocket money, free accommodation and food and have his studies paid for (result! thats my boy).

My eldest son is going to be a rock star and keep me in a style to which I wish to be accustomed (okay,, might have to wait a bit for that).

So for me it makes more sense to put my money into :
extra mortgage repayments
work on the old Greek house (possible rental property)
finishing new Greek House
Employer pension scheme - where the contribution is pre tax and matched funded by the company.

I might be proved wrong but so far so good

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  1. I think I missed something. Old Greek house AND new Greek house? Do you have 2?


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