Saturday, 27 July 2013


Where does the time go? Its always Friday. Well not this minute obviously, as it is Saturday but you know what I mean. I go into work bright, bouncy and ready for the week ahead and booof, its Friday again in no time. I am going to say that this indicates a happy life but it may just be my age.

My friend, Eve, and I have discovered that fun was in both of our New Years resolutions list but that we haven't really been trying hard enough. In fact we have just let time whoosh by (see above) as usual without any changes. I am happy. It is my default setting, but sometimes fun would be good too. Eve only lives 26 miles away according to The AA routefinder. However it is an expensive two hour journey of cars, boats and busses in each direction, so we don't meet up as often as we should. But since she joined facebook we are using chat to fill in the gaps. Not perfect but not so bad.

We are starting a project list. I love lists. I need them to focus. Slows down the passing of time and allows me to do things.

We are making soap and other stuff, all natural ingredients. We want to be better than Lush (got to aim high)
Also maybe selling it somewhere. Don't fancy that. Very outside of the comfort zone so definitely the thing to do.
Run some old fashioned tea parties, with homemade cake of course, at old folks homes locally.
Or convert a van and have travelling tea parties (this may be in the longer run - after retirement) - sort of like this but not exactly like this.
And a whole bunch of other stuff which I hope I have written down before I forgot it.

Its all fun. Which was, afterall, the aim.


  1. I love the ideas! I thought of making candles once. I still have a large block of wax. Someday I will make candles...someday.

  2. Add them to the business plan for your new business?

  3. Travelling tea parties sounds great - they have vans that go around serving 'proper coffee' so tea and cakes wouldn't be much harder.
    Did you ever go ahead with the olive oil idea you had a while ago?

  4. Sadly not. The guy who owns the olive press said that it would be at a cost of 2 euro a litre but by the time everyone had added on bits and bobs it ended up at 7 euro a litre which was sadly very unrealistic even for the top quality stuff. Such a shame as i really fancied saying i was 'in oil'

  5. I LOVE your ideas!!! The travelling tea party!! awesome!!


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