Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Larder

I was reading Cathy's post today about stockpiling and it made me have a think about my own food shopping and storage.

Years ago, when Fahed was made redundant half way through my surprise pregnancy, we had nothing going spare to build up stocks. We had dinner once a week at my parents house, loads of free veg from dad (we had no outside space), free apples and plums from various people or wild. I did a lot of cooking, still do, but back then making jams, wines and all sorts to make sure we didnt waste anything we were given. We coped but damn, it was tight. I cant imagine how we would have managed if we didn't know how to cook.

After that, as we both got job and later a house with a garden (and a bloody great mortgage) I did buy and store too much food. It was a knee jerk reaction to having nothing for so long. Earlier this year I had a proper turn out in the larder and since then I have been more balanced in my approach.

Tin are replenished every couple of months,, freezer is kept full. There is usually plenty of baking ingredients but less since we are all eating healthily and we identified the old fellas gluten intolerance. We dont run out and I still make a bit of jam and marmalade but no I can see what I have in stock (unlike this time last year) which means I dont keep buying what I already have. Or worse, finding it after it has gone off!

I believe the 'middle way' is the right way for us.

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  1. Lucky you that were able to work things out- that's when you know who your friends are.
    It's knowing when enough is enough - I'll be the first to admit that stockpiling is hard work - yes you have to work at it or there can be a lot of money wasted. Like you we've discovered what works for us - luckily loo rolls don't have a use by date lol
    BTW what are you going to do when The Old Reader cuts us off?
    Take care


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