Saturday, 24 August 2013


Its working. I invited my friend to a day off soap followed by a gig but she couldn't make it as she is going to Bestival. Not sure how I forgot that as she did invite me but I didn't go as I wasn't sure when Jamal was off to Uni. But I think it was a good sign that we had so much fun programmed in that we had to turn something down.

And last night we went out to a birthday party.  The first hour or so was a bit dull but after cake cutting we ended up sitting outside with about 20 kids, our sons and some of their friends including the ones that often come on holiday with us. They were very entertaining and I had a job to drag myself out of my bed this morning (the price of fun is apparently being knackered all day Saturday).

Today, once I had three coffees inside me and the energy to move, Jamal and I shopped until we dropped buying everything he needs for uni. He has to wear something approaching a uniform whilst at uni and actual uniform on board ship, so not the usual student shopping. Matalan kindly sent us through a 20% discount voucher which saved us about £40. Because they move about a lot between uni and ship they dont actually have a firm base at all for 3.5 years (minimum) so everything has to fit in one bag. Luckily Jamal seems to inherited the travelling light gene so all is, so far, well. I really dont want my baby to go but I am doing a goo job of keeping it hidden.

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