The New Normal

I have heard this so many times this week. We are living the new normal. I do hope things are going to perk up a bit (on a purely selfish level, I would quite like the kids to be working for a start).

On Radio 4 this week they said that we previously lived in the age of consumption but we were approaching the age of creation ( I am sure that is what he said, although it does sound rather biblical). They were talking about 3d printers initially but then about all things material and how we really don't need it and it is dawning upon us gradually. I have noticed that a lot of people I know are downsizing their house too, and I don't think it is because they are poorly off, just because they realised they have a load of rooms full of things they don't need, been there, done that.

Us frugal, de-cluttering, simple living original thinkers (weirdos, as if!!) are suddenly ground breakers. Howzat????


  1. Although I can't say I ever felt like a weirdo there are times when I think I'm a bit different to others. So it looks like a lot of us are living 'the new normal' and didn't even know it :)

  2. Exactly, we are ground breakers!

  3. I do feel like a weirdo in my everyday life. My blog friends make me feel normal though so at least I am not alone.

  4. Definitely, you are one of us weirdos!


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