Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday 'to do' list. It's what i do.

As I know I am far more likely to get stuff done if I make a list, especially on the blog, then here we go.

Jamal leaves tomorrow morning so today is his last full day. Once he gets home from last nights party we will spend the day all together. The main thing will be checking to make sure we haven't forgotten anything (can you tell we are not used to this whole uni thing) then we settle down to watch some good movies together. This evening we go to my parents house to meet up with the rest of the family for a few hours and a goodbye.

Other things that need doing:

  • Bead basket away. Huge picnic basket of beads has been in the sitting room all summer waiting for a us to have a flash of inspiration. Today I am sticking it under Jamals bed as we have missed that boat .
  • Massive suitcase to attic (Jamals bag turned up from ebay on time)
  • Laundry - only the whites left and a massive sort out and put away of clean clothes.
  • Vacuuming downstairs- did it yesterday!!
  • Clean and tidy our bedroom - this morning
  • Grocery shopping - Well as it is no/low spend September (nearly) I thought we could manage without this week. Pretty sure groceries will be our biggest economy with Jamal not here.
  • Download camera shots to computer - can't find the cable but have to do it as I need to get selling on ebay.
  • Charity drop
Thats it. More than enough to keep me busy.

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