Home but a little less sweet

My baby went off to Uni today. I did my best not to cry but cracked a couple of times at the station. He is on a Merchant Navy Cadet Programme, which means he will leave university without student debt. Also mean I cant guarantee to have him back in the break as he could be at sea. Half of the 3.5 year programme is at sea. I would very much like to see him at half term but I suspect it might be Christmas. I feel as though I have actual physical heartbreak, having never been separated from my babies for more than a short holiday before. He makes me laugh so much. He also kind of looks after his brother and father (he always says he is his fathers carer!) as they can be a bit dippy whereas Jamal is very down to earth.

I need distractions. I am thinking I might decorate him room for him or something. I don't know, I need something to plan, to fill my head up a bit.

Not so tough after all apparently


  1. Lizzie - it will be hard for a while, are there any other people at work whose children have just moved out who you can share your feelings with? Empty Nest Syndrome is what it's called.

    Word of warning - just don't make his room into your sewing/craft room too quickly - they tend to be a bit offended if that happens lol

    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy.
    Somehow this year I am the only one. My nest isn't empty yet, big brother is still here but all the same, very hard.
    He did think I was going to take his bedroom away from him so I promised not to.
    I am just a big baby!


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