Saturday to do's

I am all 'homesy' this week. A few things 'need' doing but most things are 'likes'.

Household - Laundry, vacuuming, general cleaning - not hugely interesting but very satisfying when complete

Outside world - Pop to Asian Supermarket to pick up a kilo of green chillies & some coconut oil (soap thoughts again). To DIY shop to get a present for my sisters birthday (from the garden center), some new secateurs for the garden and a hippo bag! Mums house for a glass of wine and chat tonight and again for my sisters birthday cake tomorrow evening after swimming. Oh, and swimming

Creating - At least one batch of soap. Birthday cake for my sister, currently in the oven. Dec orating it later when it cools.

Doing - Take my book and my husband to each room in the house and decide what still needs to be done until the house is finished. Tomorrow I plan to potter in the garden for most of the day, which is both doing and creative, and technically out of doors. To the attic to get three things out and rid of.

And tonight at mums we also have to go through Jamal's paperwork from Uni/Cadetship and make sure everything is complete and we know what we are doing.

Busy but productive, productive but fun.