Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The most simple Cold Process Soap instructions ever

So we did it, and it worked. It took me three years of worrying about it and it turned out to be easy.  Or possibly we turned out to be natural 'soapers'.

This is our lovely vanilla scented soap, perfectly made in a Pringles tin.

How to make soap:

Gather your oils and weigh each type individually. Enter quantities into soap calculator

Superfatted to 10%

Add all oils to a pan ready for heating

Pour the suggested amount of water (from the calculator) into a large pyrex jug. If using coconut milk then reduce by ⅓ and add the same quantity of coconut milk once soap mix has emulsified.

Add the lye to the water and mix thoroughly with wooden or plastic spoon. Leave to cool for approx 10 minutes. Heat oil until any solid oils have melted.

Mix lye mix and oils when the are approx same temperature.  Mix thoroughly using a hand mixer or stick blender. Add coconut milk as required.

Pour into molds and insulate with towels to ensure soap stays warm for as long as possible.

After approx 48 hours remove from molds and slice. Leave on racks to dry, turning if required, for several weeks to mature.

Caustic soda/Lye is horrid stuff prior to saponification. Wear rubber gloves, goggles and anything else you need to feel safe. Don't let kids or animals within a mile of you and your deadly chemicals. Other than that, its all easy peasy!


  1. Now there's a quandary - do you pig out on Pringles all for the sake of soap??
    Love the look of the little cakes - much nicer than squares or oblongs

  2. We have been 'treating' husbands and kids to Pringles whether they like it or not! I am going to have to put the word about at work before we start putting our hard earned weight loss back on again!

  3. It sounds scary but the results look lovely.

  4. It was scary. That's why it took us so long. Now its easy!


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