Step Change

I am usually really positive about change but this one is a little bittersweet. My son finally got his joining papers for the merchant navy/uni course. He is leaving 1st September. I am going to miss him so much that I cant even think about it. However, brave faces must be put on as this is his life and he needs to do it (and all that!)

And so. we makes plans. It is what we do.

Jamal and I normally shop once a week together. It is fun and always entertaining with him. I don't really feel that I want to keep doing the same thing on my own so we are going to try something else. I have been looking at the various cash and carry type places and we have decided, having done the maths obviously, that we will probably join the local Costco. It is newly opened and we checked it out yesterday. Rather randomly I had to show a photo of my accountancy qualification to gain entry. Odd indeed. I wont be able to face a visit more than once a month. Very nice, clean, well laid out and affordable but huuuuuge. So to start with we will keep the same grocery budget and as we use it to stock up the freezer, then we will adapt accordingly.

Without my baby at home I am sure gas and electric costs will also reduce. I might take the opportunity to also get rid of Sky Movies. I suspect no-one else will watch them as he does.

Eldest son has his induction at the local swim school on Monday. He will have a zero hours contract (don't they all) but hopefully will pick up enough lessons to be self financing soon. I currently pay for a course he is part way through and his car insurance so will be £250 a month to the good if he can takes these back. Perhaps there is even a chance of housekeeping contribution at some point...........

So its change which is financially better but it does feel like the end of an era. I still have my eldest at home but first time we are not all together.


  1. That is bittersweet. I look forward to reading about the family reunions when your son comes back for visits.

    I can't bring myself to join Costco. Too big and I would get sick of the food before I finished it. At least you will get plenty of exercise just walking around the place.


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