Saturday, 3 August 2013


We are off for another day of our project tomorrow. Soap and lipsalve. This time I am travelling to the island.  It is Cowes Week so the boats and other transport will be all over the place. But anyway it will be fun.

We are planning some lavender and coconut milk soap and a few other things. It's also my friends birthday so I made her cake, complete with fat ginger cat which looks like the fondant version of the cat she has as her facebook photo. I hope i get it there in one piece.

I will be back later afternoon for my swim with all the family. Fahed has also decided that my exercise session will be a swimming lesson so at 51 I am working on my leg movement for breast stroke. I now swim at half the speed that I didn't previously. Sigh!


  1. Nice cake and cute cat! Did it make it there in one piece?

  2. Yes it did but it was an endurance test. Car, bus, train, hydrofoil, another car. Also it was Cowes week so the sea was extra choppy because of all the boat action. i think she was please though, so it was worth it.


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