Housewife for a week

I suspect a week without work might be enough for me. I like the idea of being at home but after a few different sort outs then it all starts to be nice and settled and lacking challenge. However I do have a big old 'to do' list for the week which should well and truly keep us entertained.

I have decided I am doing homemade Christmas presents for everyone this year as well, so I am going to do some planning and creating there too. I have a new great niece due on Fahed birthday (2nd Dec) so it is possible I might have to purchase for that as my knitting skills seem to have seriously diminished over the years but we shall see.

1/2 day sorting out front garden, which is really just a hard landscaped parking area with bushes up one side and a flower bed under the window. As we do this we will also plan and mark up the new porch and bike room we want to add on. I will write to council to see if we need planning consent.

If no rain then we have almost a thousand bricks and blocks for the back garden, walls, bbq area and floor. Also need to severely cut back some of the bushes and trees. If there is rain then we play in doors instead.

Finish tiling in the kitchen (how many times have we said that)
Remove broken tumble dryer to the front garden for the scrap man to pick up.
Change around the sofas and the furniture in the back room to make better use of the space. Get a couple more guitar hangers to help tidy up out there (don't live with musicians if you like neat).

Fahed still has some work this week so in between times I am sorting out the larder and maybe a few cupboard. Also lots of reading ( I had an Amazon moment) and note making for a new idea/project.

Busy fun. The best kind.