Thursday, 26 September 2013

Made it!

My months run 24th to 23rd, so I can tell you now. I made it. Big payment to brother in law in Syria, plenty of expense for my baby going off to uni but no other unnecessary expense. I made it within the tightest budget ever, by the skin of my teeth.

This month we also have a large payment to Syria (and again next month), car repairs, all the usual bills. However, with the old guy on board, it all feels a lot more doable than previously. The sniff at the possibly freedom of being mortgage-less makes it easier i.e. do I need new shoes or would i prefer to be mortgage-less. No competition!

Next month is the final payment to Syria. We cant get money to the people who need it anyway ,cant even get them on the phone for weeks at a time. By then hopefully we are in the right frame of mind to keep our spending right down, We have broken the trap.

Plus all sorts of other exciting things going on. Loving bouncing ideas around with another ideas person, especially such a very creative one. Is it wrong to love fun??


  1. I think I missed the explanation about the payments to Syria? Are you helping out family or paying off a debt? Great job sticking to the budget!

  2. Helping out family who assumed we would in advance and decided to borrow the money from some dodgy money lender, so paying off their debt. And the family that really need help, stuck in Aleppo surrounded by various rebel forces and not much food to be had, we cant get anything to them at all. I am happy to keep helping them of course and am saving up so that we can maybe help them get back on track at the end of the war,


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